We are Growing Worldwide.

The FOX Business Network recently featured the Safe Ship® Franchise Concept as a unique franchise company that pioneers the American Heritage of a Mom Pop Store into the 21st century franchise business world.

The Safe Ship® Franchise Business Opportunity Concept has also been featured on the FOX Business Network Economic Report. These reports can be seen on our homepage.

The Safe Ship® Franchise Business Opportunity is now available world wide. We are interested ONLY IF YOU have the financial capacity to become our exclusive partner to develop the Safe Ship stores network through out your entire country. To qualify, you must open a  Safe Ship® Franchise Store anywhere in the United States. After 1 year of successful operation, we will then begin setting up your operation in your home country.

Safe Ship is a premier international packing and shipping company. We are recognized by the FOX Business in the United States as “The Best Franchise Company for the 21st Century”. Safe Ship is looking for International Partners to exclusively handle specific countries or large geographic area. We are not able to do individual stores in your country at this time.