Start a Franchise

Your Safe Ship® Store is a service business. Your main business is packing and moving shipments from point A to point B, world-wide. Whether it is a post card to Aunt Millie or a 2015 Honda Accord to Helsinki Finland or a motorcycle to Afghanistan, you can ship it. You can send things via snail mail, guaranteed ground services, next day air, standard courier, over the road freight or LCL water or air containers. Related services include packing and the preparation of items for shipment. You will also do the packing, partial disassembly of items and any paperwork required for international import or export shipping.

You also sell envelopes, padded envelopes, boxes and packing materials such as bubble wrap, peanuts to those individuals who wish to do their own packing. You are also a home office and small business hub. Your services include providing copy service (both color and black & white), incoming and outgoing fax services, notary service and a lot more.

Your Safe Ship® Store will also be a local Post Office with all the services you would find at any United States Post Office. You will be a center point for road warriors and other traveling business people. A very profitable related service is freight shipping for large items, and high value articles.

Your Safe Ship® Store can ship furniture, estates, gold, and vehicles anything. You will be able to save the local businesses in your area money on their shipping by working as a logistic center for their freight shipping. You will be able to add on other services as you want. As an example, we have stores that have added on U-Haul truck rentals, stores have added greeting card sales and one store added Utility Bill payments as an added service. Each area has different needs that you can address to add additional profit centers. Our goal is the same as your goal. We want you to make money. You have the ability to mold your store to make it fit you and your personality.