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The economy is coming back.  Consumer confidence is at an all-time high.  Retail sales are growing.  The tax cut has put more spendable income back into the average consumer’s pocket. It just might be the right time to start your business.

The Safe Ship® Franchise Concept is rated as One of the Top 500 Franchises in the United States by Entrepreneur Magazine®

The Safe Ship® Franchise Concept has been rated as one of the top 500 Franchises in the United States by Entrepreneur Magazine® every year since 2012.  Only the UPS Store franchise and the Safe Ship® Franchise Stores have attained this recognition. We  understand the pack and ship industry. With our understanding of 21st-century business practice and our daily in-store operational wisdom we can help you make your Safe Ship® store successful.

The Safe Ship® Franchise Business Opportunity has earned the very prestigious honor of being listed as one of the top 500 franchises in the United States as judged by Entrepreneur® Magazine for the last nine years. Each year Entrepreneur Magazine® does it’s annual rating to find the top 500 franchise companies in the United States. Since 2012, the Safe Ship® Franchise Concept has been named each year to the top 500 list. We are honored. Safe Ship® Franchise Stores have seen a 31% growth since 2010. Of all of the other franchise companies in the pack and ship industry, only the Safe Ship® Stores have seen that kind of growth.All the other franchises have seen their total number of stores decline. That’s right. Each year, all of our competitors have fewer franchise stores at the end of that year than they had at the beginning of that year but not Safe Ship®. Year over Year only the Safe Ship® Franchise Concept continues to have more stores at the end of the year than they had at the beginning of the year. Our Safe Ship® Training blends traditional values and support with the most modern business practices and an industry understanding vision for the future for the pack and ship industry.

This is why the Safe Ship® Franchise Concept is rated as one of the Top 500 Franchise Concepts by Entrepreneur® MagazineYour Safe Ship® Franchise Store is a new style modern day family business, where the most modern business practices meets up with the best backup and support. Throughout the history of business, family businesses have always been the most successful – long-term businesses. We take the same care that mom and pop gave their kids as they passed their business to the next generation. We add that same care and support to help you attain your success.

The Safe Ship® Franchise Concept is featured on “In View” with Larry King on theFOX Business Network.

The FOX Business Network’s Economic Report proclaims Safe Ship “The Best Franchise Concept for the 21st Century.”

Richard Marsh, Safe Ship® Franchise founder was interviewed on Moving America Forward with William Shatner on BIZTV.

Learn the history of the Safe Ship® Franchise Concept and why Safe Ship is so different and why our model works.

I know what you are thinking. The Safe Ship® Store Concept – we are the new guys. In down economic times like we have been going thru for the last 10 years, wouldn’t the new guys in the marketplace be the first people to go out of business? That is unless what they are doing really works. What we have developed is a better way, the right way to do the pack and ship business.

The Safe Ship® Franchise Business Opportunity is an up to date, constantly growing franchise. Unlike the other franchise Pack ‘n Ship companies who area “me to” copy of the old Mailboxes Etc. concept. The Safe Ship® Franchise Concept is not a copy of anything. The Fox Business Network declares Your Safe Ship® Store “The Best Franchise Concept of the 21st Century. It is an original.  No one is as knowledgeable about the pack and ship industry as we are. You are working with people who work in our corporate stores every day. The highly experienced people you will rely on daily for your own success. Our training and mentor support teams work in our four Corporate model stores. They have “TODAY” business understanding and knowledge of the pack and ship industry and are up-to-date in the changes and growth that is happening in the pack and ship industry – TODAY.

Safe Ship® Franchise Stores have introduced many of the changes and new ideas in the Pack ‘n Ship Industry. Our franchise model store in Ormond Beach Florida is one of the largest pack ‘n ship stores in the USA. We teach our franchisees everything that we have learned over the last 30 years of business.  Everything they will need to know to help them bring about this same type of success in their store.

One of the most profitable areas of your Safe Ship® store will be the custom packing of expensive items and freight.  We have developed and built our very own heavy duty BoxMakerPRO™ box making machine. Our patented BoxMakerPRO™ allows our stores the ability to make any size custom box, at any cardboard thickness, for any need.

Our BoxMakerPRO™ is the key to our Master Strength Packaging™ technique. We are able to make containers out of cardboard that are wood crate strong. Only a Safe Ship® store can do all of this.

WHY ALL the Accolades?

Simple. We Earned Them. Over 50% of all businesses started will fail within the first two years of operation. Of those businesses started under the mentorship of a Franchise Company, only 35% of those businesses will fail. Over the last six years of operation, every other Pack and Ship Franchise Company has less active franchisees at the end of that year than they did at the beginning of that year. Only the Safe Ship® Franchise Stores have completed each year with more franchisees than the year before. That is why the Safe Ship® Mom ‘n Pop Franchise concept is rated as the Best New Franchise Concept and one of the Top 500 Franchise Concepts available today by Entrepreneur MagazineFranchise Business Review Magazine rates us “The Best of the Best”

Not only are we the best at packing and shipping, but we are also the small business headquarters for entrepreneurs, small businesses, home businesses, and road warriors.  We supply envelopes, bubble envelopes, standard boxes, padded envelopes, office supplies and everything you need for your work from home office needs. Your Safe Ship® store is a full-service business center offering an array of business services including notary services, incoming and outgoing fax service, mailboxes, mail forwarding, color copies, internet downloading and printing, eBay Auction Assistance, a professional print shop, virtual mail and so much more.

The financial success of each of our franchisees is our priority. As you browse our web site you will learn who we are and what we do. The goal of our Safe Ship® web site is to educate and inform – to answer your questions. To show you how we have brought the Mom ‘n-Pop business model into the successful world of franchising. YES… We will brag about what we do. Because what we do, works.

Our goal is not to be the biggest pack and ship franchise company. Our goal is to be the best.