Safe Ship® Franchise Store Programs

The Safe Ship® Franchise Concept has developed four different franchise business opportunities to meet the varying needs of our pack and ship store franchisees.

1) The Safe Ship® Turn-Key Pack & Ship Store Franchise Program.  Your store is designed to do all shipping business modes including, freight, import, export, and has our high value BoxMakerPRO™  box making machine and more. Standard shipping via USPS, FedEx, DHL, Greyhound GPX, various trucking companies, and various  desired business services are included.

2) The Safe Ship® RFD Pack & Ship Store Program is available in small towns with a population of 25,000 or less within a 25 mile radius. As the United States Postal Service closes Post Offices in rural America, Safe Ship has the perfect Post Office replacement store. You will be a full Retail Postal Center, able to do all the USPS services. PLUS a limited service Pack and Ship store program. The Safe Ship®  RFD Store Franchise Program begins at $39,900.00. It is only available in small rural towns.

3) The Safe Ship® Area Manager Franchise Program is available to specific geographic areas. Pricing is based on the population of the area you are covering.

4) The Safe Ship® Conversion Program is available to independent pack’nship stores who want to take advantage of larger discounts for being part of a national franchise organization.

The Safe Ship® Store Franchise Business Opportunity allows you to develop your Packing & Shipping Store with your personality added. We are here to partner with you to help you make money. We assist you where you need us. We are your mentor, your partner, your helper, your business reference point.

When purchasing a Safe Ship® Turn-Key store, you may qualify for a single, one-time-only $5,000 credit against the franchise fee if you or your spouse are on active duty or are a veteran honorably discharged from the US armed forces.